Sunday, 19 September 2010

Portfolio Page

I've been playing about with a new portfolio page concept to replace the old list box style one.

The benefit of the new design is that is gives me unlimited boxes to display portfolio items in! As i add new things i would put them at the front of the scroller, so the most recent work is displayed first!

The portfolio page itself to me is a library of all of my work. In this sense i felt containing it all on one page in a neat manner was the wise way to go! As i develop more work i could develop this page further with a featured work section for each of the portfolio sections, however i think this is more of a copy of the "Recent work" section i keep on the homepage... I'll see!

Monday, 26 July 2010

Header update

Change of plan with the header again. The fade became an eyesore the ore and more i looked at it, and my links bar was too thick for me so i shrunk that by 10px, and altered the whole header.

Here's what it's looking like at the moment. The finished idea looks awesome in my head! It's just a case of taking the awesome from my head and putting it on a screen now!

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

In love with a font

See i told you i'd update this again!

I found a font which i intend to use for the heading text, and wherever else possible on my website. The font looks awesome to me and i think flows well with the free-flowing light hearted style of the clouds and bright colours.

This is an improvement on the old font which came across extremely blocky, and to me became a bit of an eyesore. It also i think forced everything else to be bigger just because of its large blocky nature. So i'm glad to be moving away from it!

Playing around with designs

I haven't really been checking into this blog as often as i should. It's the same with my other blog though... so it's not intentional neglect! I promise... though it might be a bit. If i'm honest i have a slight love for wordpress and still can't fathom why i went with blogger.

Anyway! Over a month ago now i completed a online channel for a collaborative project. Here's a screenshot of the home page for it:

The design for the Fortunes Fall site was much darker than the one i implemented to Cloud Canvas, which moved me out of my comfort zone of bright colours, and allowed me to be more creative. All in all i think the end product was pretty awesome! The different aspects i threw into the design on that site got me thinking about progression of my own portfolio website... something i'd neglected a fair bit lately.

The way the main content was framed by the links bar and, the footer bar gave a nice feel to the content and placed it well. I think this places it much better than the boxes i used on Cloud Canvas, so have been playing around with a new design that does not require boxes. I came up with this:

As you can see the fan gradient does not continue throughout the page and cuts out as soon as it hits the links bar, which acts as a frame / separator for the page. This combined with the footer below which uses the same notepad overlay gives a better feel. It also allows for more freedom in what i put in between, and for page heights as i'm not restricted to the white boxes i currently have on my portfolio page. This will allow the use of Java sliders like on the Fortunes Turn page, and less squashed looks to the pages. In my mind this is good progression.. hopefully i can continue it!

I'll try and keep this blog up to date with changes as i make them!

Saturday, 13 March 2010

Redesigning complete. Time to fill in some content!

After playing about on and off with my portfolio site i've finally found myself content with the basic layout and design of the web page! Just need to fill in individual bits of content now..

I also swapped facebook on connect with me with a blogspot image as i feel this is more suitable to the portfolio website.

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Contact Me

This is my contact page! I still need to stick in a PHP contact form in the upper half, and also intend to add a note above it with a direct email url for people who do not wish to contact me via the contact form.

Below are various ways to contact me through the sites i'm linked with for the course, these being my course twitter, Linkedin, and even Facebook!

Tuesday, 2 March 2010


I realised i didnt have my storyboard up in a digital format...