Thursday, 21 January 2010

Time to kick myself back into the flow!

Lately i havent been blogging.

I say lately.. i havent actually blogged in forever! Since the one day project i think!!

Yesterday we nailed the filming for our group channel project "Rview" it was a fun day and cool to do. We used a proper light to get the right lighting which made it even better in my mind.

Today i'm editing and i just hit my first snag. A message on import that i've NEVER seen in the three years i;'ve been editing videos. "Error". This made me die a little inside as its preventing me importing 3/4 clips, and whilst they may not be important and might be CUTS! They might be important or something i could have salvaged.

I HATE not having everything for me to edit with. It really annoys me.

Another thing is where the person on the external mic was sat right next to the light instead of close to us, the noise of the light BUZZZZIIINGGG is audible... There's nothing i can think of doing to fix this so i'll have a play editing around. If i can get some background music in somehow this would hide the noise... so i'll see how this goes..