Sunday, 19 September 2010

Portfolio Page

I've been playing about with a new portfolio page concept to replace the old list box style one.

The benefit of the new design is that is gives me unlimited boxes to display portfolio items in! As i add new things i would put them at the front of the scroller, so the most recent work is displayed first!

The portfolio page itself to me is a library of all of my work. In this sense i felt containing it all on one page in a neat manner was the wise way to go! As i develop more work i could develop this page further with a featured work section for each of the portfolio sections, however i think this is more of a copy of the "Recent work" section i keep on the homepage... I'll see!

Monday, 26 July 2010

Header update

Change of plan with the header again. The fade became an eyesore the ore and more i looked at it, and my links bar was too thick for me so i shrunk that by 10px, and altered the whole header.

Here's what it's looking like at the moment. The finished idea looks awesome in my head! It's just a case of taking the awesome from my head and putting it on a screen now!

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

In love with a font

See i told you i'd update this again!

I found a font which i intend to use for the heading text, and wherever else possible on my website. The font looks awesome to me and i think flows well with the free-flowing light hearted style of the clouds and bright colours.

This is an improvement on the old font which came across extremely blocky, and to me became a bit of an eyesore. It also i think forced everything else to be bigger just because of its large blocky nature. So i'm glad to be moving away from it!

Playing around with designs

I haven't really been checking into this blog as often as i should. It's the same with my other blog though... so it's not intentional neglect! I promise... though it might be a bit. If i'm honest i have a slight love for wordpress and still can't fathom why i went with blogger.

Anyway! Over a month ago now i completed a online channel for a collaborative project. Here's a screenshot of the home page for it:

The design for the Fortunes Fall site was much darker than the one i implemented to Cloud Canvas, which moved me out of my comfort zone of bright colours, and allowed me to be more creative. All in all i think the end product was pretty awesome! The different aspects i threw into the design on that site got me thinking about progression of my own portfolio website... something i'd neglected a fair bit lately.

The way the main content was framed by the links bar and, the footer bar gave a nice feel to the content and placed it well. I think this places it much better than the boxes i used on Cloud Canvas, so have been playing around with a new design that does not require boxes. I came up with this:

As you can see the fan gradient does not continue throughout the page and cuts out as soon as it hits the links bar, which acts as a frame / separator for the page. This combined with the footer below which uses the same notepad overlay gives a better feel. It also allows for more freedom in what i put in between, and for page heights as i'm not restricted to the white boxes i currently have on my portfolio page. This will allow the use of Java sliders like on the Fortunes Turn page, and less squashed looks to the pages. In my mind this is good progression.. hopefully i can continue it!

I'll try and keep this blog up to date with changes as i make them!

Saturday, 13 March 2010

Redesigning complete. Time to fill in some content!

After playing about on and off with my portfolio site i've finally found myself content with the basic layout and design of the web page! Just need to fill in individual bits of content now..

I also swapped facebook on connect with me with a blogspot image as i feel this is more suitable to the portfolio website.

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Contact Me

This is my contact page! I still need to stick in a PHP contact form in the upper half, and also intend to add a note above it with a direct email url for people who do not wish to contact me via the contact form.

Below are various ways to contact me through the sites i'm linked with for the course, these being my course twitter, Linkedin, and even Facebook!

Tuesday, 2 March 2010


I realised i didnt have my storyboard up in a digital format...

Duck Shoot

Duck shoot game is pretty much finished up! Added some tweens to the clouds so they float about, and threw in a pirate ship that floats past!!!

Monday, 1 March 2010

Audience types

Simple / hand drawn/ stick style animations

A good example here could be the cyanide and happiness comics which have started to move over to flash. This style of animation may appeal to an audience that bases their preference more on content as opposed to quality of the animation, as these animations rely more on the humorous context to be in place and the content to be of a interesting style in such a way that the simplicity of the animation itself does not matter to the audience as the animation in turn merely become a way for the joke or point within the animation to be expressed in a visual form.

Cyanide and Happiness

8 bit animations style

The 8 bit animation style is one that can be linked to a select Audience. People who prefer this style may be those who are into the old school 8 bit style games, or appreciate the “retro” look, whereas others may be put off due to preference for more streamlined graphics. Furthermore the audience may be seen to extend based on theme when covering 8-bit games to general gamers.

The selectness of the audience could be seen to vary depending on the content of the actual animation, for example 8 bit animations based around original concepts such as the house of shiny, which relies on it for the humor, may be seen less select than animations such as those based around Mario, Sonic, or Space invaders for example, as these would appeal more to gamers and a lot less to people who aren’t into the specific games they are animated to parody.


College Humor -

Bloody gory humor

Much of the animation will see characters being injured, dying, abnormally removing limbs, and often coming back later as if it never happened to die all over again. Much in the style of Kenny from South park. This type of animation may appeal more to older audiences, and even then a select group of them as it could be seen that this form of humor may be viewed as offensive by some people, due to its often somewhat distasteful style and reliance on a somewhat sick sense of humor to be had.

With this all in mind it may be seen that this audience type is most likely one where people will prefer a mix of any time of animation as well due to the selectiveness that would otherwise restrict their preference. That and it’s a weird sole preference to have!

A good example of this style i found was that of the "Happy Tree Friends" in which the twist of every episode is that something will die. It has an unexpected aspect to it tfor people who havent seen it before in how the characters adopt a cute innocent look.

Younger Audience based animations.

Animations such as the disney cartoons or the looney tunes provide a good base example for this audience. The innocent style of the animation often leaves it with a humorous twist to keep people entertained, whilst throwing in slapstick violence and pain where characters may hit into objects, or be hit with objects, but always come out fine with their body or faces distorting to a pancake, and back to normal as if nothing happened.
Much of the style within these animations could be seen as being repetitive between other animations of the same style which may make this style off putting to older audiences who get bored of the same thing over and over again, yet more appealing to audiences such as kids who are seen to be more easily amused.

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Character Creation

For my flash project i intend to make a sort of interactive adventure in which a character will work through the animation with occasional interactive stops which must be completed correctly in order to proceed. For example a duck shoot style part.

When developing the character i started on the head and worked on head and hair styles.
As can be seen in the image i decided a more shaped cheek gave a better image when taking an angled side look, and hair was less boring when spiked upwards on the fringe.

Once i'd worked out a rough headline i tackled the part of the characters head that looked weird... The eyes.

I felt that empty filled eyes were soullessm and rounded eyes on pupils just bored me.
Whereas the straight simple lined eye appealed to me somehow, as i felt it could be manipulated in various ways to show emotion through eye shapes as shown with the front and back examples below.

The front and back views would be used in dialogue shots ideally, as i use them to create perspective in the flash movie.

Further to these i considered motions that would be used in a walk or movement. However this just included the arms as i feel the whole body does not necessarily have to appear on the stage!

I then developed these further by putting them within the flash environment and drawing them there.

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Website progression

The website design is still progressing. Most elements are ready for dreamweaver for the home page. I just need to throw in a links area. Playing about with where it goes though.. will post some variations next blog post hopefully!!!

The progression here shows the themed titles in which i aimed to keep in the same note book / scrap book paper style which i like. This maintains a consistent theme with the background and cloud focus.

The twitter feed in the right bar is the progression i decided to lead on in place of the blog following feedback that my blog should not be the home pages focus, as its better to just link, so i will be providing a link to it somehow.

Below i added a new section to the original design from October / November which shows the most recent work with one piece of Flash work, one piece of web work and one piece of Video. These being the three areas i want to apply most focus to through my portfolio as they are the areas that interest me most.

The main upper left box will have a short brief introduction to the site explaining that it is my portfolio site and all my work up to date can be found there. Probably throw in a picture or something! Though i wont add too much detail there as i want to have a detailed about me page!
I am also thinking a link to the blog within that box might be wise as it would slip in with my original plans of having the blog there i guess...

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

All Rounded vs Semi-Rounded.

As i was working on the new boxes for my new layout and giving them the paper style too i accidentally rounded all of the corners as i went off into my own daydream world for a short time...

I realised and decided i'd keep as a comparison, however i only kept it to the point i'd reached with just the top two being all cornered..

Personally i prefer the semi rounded one which looks as if it was all joined with bits cut out!

Opinions would be appreciated!

Monday, 1 February 2010

Portfolio background advancement

I liked the theme for my portfolio site and wanted to keep it.

However i felt that it was lacking something and looked too plain, with just plain colour on plain colour, and also had the issue with the edges not being able to blend with any web based background colour.

I tackled this by applying a paper effect, something i had always wanted to go with initially, and that i was in a way aiming for when i first put notebook lines on my first cloud. The initial thought i had in doing this was that it would give a bit of a note pad / paper theme subtly.

With my new design i have applied a full paper effect, and created torn paper effects over the edges which i feel will give the portfolio site a bit more life and make it less plain in its design. It also allows me to add the same effect to the central boxes and throughout the site with various features i am going to add as i redesign the site!

Thursday, 21 January 2010

Time to kick myself back into the flow!

Lately i havent been blogging.

I say lately.. i havent actually blogged in forever! Since the one day project i think!!

Yesterday we nailed the filming for our group channel project "Rview" it was a fun day and cool to do. We used a proper light to get the right lighting which made it even better in my mind.

Today i'm editing and i just hit my first snag. A message on import that i've NEVER seen in the three years i;'ve been editing videos. "Error". This made me die a little inside as its preventing me importing 3/4 clips, and whilst they may not be important and might be CUTS! They might be important or something i could have salvaged.

I HATE not having everything for me to edit with. It really annoys me.

Another thing is where the person on the external mic was sat right next to the light instead of close to us, the noise of the light BUZZZZIIINGGG is audible... There's nothing i can think of doing to fix this so i'll have a play editing around. If i can get some background music in somehow this would hide the noise... so i'll see how this goes..