Monday, 19 October 2009

Before i dive in with the posting...

..I suppose it would be wise to write up a quick introduction.

I've always found introductions a little hard to write, and not because i don't know what to put in them.. but more because i find them to be so generic and mirroring of the last one i wrote, fortunately this blog wont be all introductions, and i intend to creatively show various ideas that i have and show clearly how they have been influenced through other forms of media such as a website design or even a DVD case.

Anyway the introduction. My name is Tom Burns, and i have lived on the South Coast of England most of my life. I studied Law, English Lit, Geography and ICT at A level, and additionally studied critical thinking in my first year of college as an AS.

I've always held an interest within aspects of media. As i was younger my uncle would always show me pieces of his graphics work, and i would help out with various bits where possible, and whilst this didn't happen very much it gave me a good insight and built on an interest i already had with IT to send it in the direction of Web Design, which i find to be my current intended route as i study Interactive Media Production at Bournemouth University.

Over the past two years i have found interests in broader areas than just graphical design and photoshop as well, with these interests branching out to areas like online video, which i've always found to be interesting, and something much like photoshop where you can constantly learn new and amazing editing techniques that add more life to your work. However the most advanced effect i've probably produced on a video is a light-saber overlay... in terms of photoshop i'd like to think that i;ve gone further and played about more making various banners for random sites and backgrounds.

Over the next three years i hope to learn how to create and build websites aswell as grasping knowledge of other fields of media such a flash design, which i feel is something that you can tie in with many other areas, such as flash on sites, flash in videos, and flash as an individual. With this knowledge i hope to be able to become a web designer so when it comes down to focusing more on specific areas i can see myself following that route... but right now i have 3 years ahead of me and things change, so for all i know i might come out a budding flash designer who hates websites, though i hope not.

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