Monday, 9 November 2009

Idea and Mock up

Over the past week i've found myself working on and off with various ideas for layouts. The ideas have evolved from what i came up with on the one day project to the the following:

I wanted to keep the same header style and background theme so worked more on the box layout, in this case i made it more curved, around edges with a straight cornered cut down the right side splitting two columns with a small gap. 

The main section is intended to hold the blog. The section next to it will hold an about me and all of the link contact boxes i intend to make within photoshop. 

Following the sketch up, and finally deciding that i was content with an idea i moved onto making a mock up in photoshop, which can be seen below:

I intend to now push on with this design and develop it into dreamweaver. The title for the header will be developed as a separate overlay, however i may play around with attaching it to the background. 

1 comment:

  1. This is marvellous work Tom. Another A+ from me. You'll be teaching me before too long!