Monday, 1 February 2010

Portfolio background advancement

I liked the theme for my portfolio site and wanted to keep it.

However i felt that it was lacking something and looked too plain, with just plain colour on plain colour, and also had the issue with the edges not being able to blend with any web based background colour.

I tackled this by applying a paper effect, something i had always wanted to go with initially, and that i was in a way aiming for when i first put notebook lines on my first cloud. The initial thought i had in doing this was that it would give a bit of a note pad / paper theme subtly.

With my new design i have applied a full paper effect, and created torn paper effects over the edges which i feel will give the portfolio site a bit more life and make it less plain in its design. It also allows me to add the same effect to the central boxes and throughout the site with various features i am going to add as i redesign the site!

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