Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Character Creation

For my flash project i intend to make a sort of interactive adventure in which a character will work through the animation with occasional interactive stops which must be completed correctly in order to proceed. For example a duck shoot style part.

When developing the character i started on the head and worked on head and hair styles.
As can be seen in the image i decided a more shaped cheek gave a better image when taking an angled side look, and hair was less boring when spiked upwards on the fringe.

Once i'd worked out a rough headline i tackled the part of the characters head that looked weird... The eyes.

I felt that empty filled eyes were soullessm and rounded eyes on pupils just bored me.
Whereas the straight simple lined eye appealed to me somehow, as i felt it could be manipulated in various ways to show emotion through eye shapes as shown with the front and back examples below.

The front and back views would be used in dialogue shots ideally, as i use them to create perspective in the flash movie.

Further to these i considered motions that would be used in a walk or movement. However this just included the arms as i feel the whole body does not necessarily have to appear on the stage!

I then developed these further by putting them within the flash environment and drawing them there.

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