Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Website progression

The website design is still progressing. Most elements are ready for dreamweaver for the home page. I just need to throw in a links area. Playing about with where it goes though.. will post some variations next blog post hopefully!!!

The progression here shows the themed titles in which i aimed to keep in the same note book / scrap book paper style which i like. This maintains a consistent theme with the background and cloud focus.

The twitter feed in the right bar is the progression i decided to lead on in place of the blog following feedback that my blog should not be the home pages focus, as its better to just link, so i will be providing a link to it somehow.

Below i added a new section to the original design from October / November which shows the most recent work with one piece of Flash work, one piece of web work and one piece of Video. These being the three areas i want to apply most focus to through my portfolio as they are the areas that interest me most.

The main upper left box will have a short brief introduction to the site explaining that it is my portfolio site and all my work up to date can be found there. Probably throw in a picture or something! Though i wont add too much detail there as i want to have a detailed about me page!
I am also thinking a link to the blog within that box might be wise as it would slip in with my original plans of having the blog there i guess...

1 comment:

  1. Hey Tom, thanks for following me on Twitter. Wow, looks like your website background is really coming together. Love the color scheme and the way that you've worked out the 2-column layout.

    Have you thought about putting your name/logo on the left at the top? The way your logo is positioned right now, it appears as an island, with none of the other design assets on the page leading the eye back up in its direction. My eye has to make a conscious leap to go up and read it. Since your name/logo is your branding, you may want to consider how you can position it on the page so that it gets noticed on the first pass.

    Well done so far, and best of luck to you. I'm still in the stages of designing my website, and you have so artfully reminded me that the process is important to blog about too!